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free gift…

Apple gave away an album. it showed up in your purchased items… you may have had your iTunes app set to automatically download new purchases. strangely, iTunes worked as designed and automatically download your free gift to your device…

you don’t like U2… delete album…

or if you’re employed by, you use words like “horrid”, and “devious”… you begin to wonder if there’s an ulterior motive….

First of a series…

There are certain flash points in various industries about which everybody has a strong opinion, and the only thing everyone can agree on is “everybody else is wrong,”
Here’s one for the fashion industry:
“Define the difference between a ‘Coat’ and a ‘Jacket’.”

That one prompted endless discussion in the apparel classes in college, and is as yet undetermined, (no matter what anyone else says…)
Any suggestions?


the hall of great stats.

it really should be remembered that this is one of the places where you should actually see it as a popularity contest.

so, kudos Dan Le Batard.

slow news week

terrible week in the shop. have removed the centerboard trunk preparatory to finishing the interior and was hit by a wave of ennui…  have returned to software engineering to break things up a bit. Got the newer version of Xcode and sorted out the provisioning of my iPhone at last. (definitely much easier in Xcode 5. one step process now.)

I have a couple of iPhone, iPad projects I’m going to be working out over the next few weeks. partly for fun, and partly to beef up my portfolio as I look for a new job. (have to pay for the boat somehow, and auto-mechanics just isn’t my thing… 😉  Who knows, one of them might even sell… 🙂

Enough with the Navy Blue!

for the love of whichever deity anyone might pray to if they have a mind…

Could professional sports teams stop with the Navy Blue? this is a color that is only (and even then just barely) valid on actual Navy uniforms, and possibly, just possibly, yacht club blazers. it does not belong on the field, except maybe, (under extreme circumstances,) as an accent color.

Damnit, I want my Patriots in Red and my Seahawks in bright Green!

still packing

how is it that I have so much stuff?  I filled 9 boxes with books and the bookshelf still looks full… if and when I get the shop set up again, a bunch of stackable modular bookshelves is definitely in the works.  I want this to be the last time I have to pack my books…

I like the shelves that Roy Underhill showed on the Woodwright’s Shop some time back, but I think that adding a slight angle to the shelf would aid both in their mobility, and their flotation… -)  but whatever, the IKEA must go…