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one interesting thing that I’ve learned since I started building furniture is the relative price and value of furniture pieces.  when I first looked at the settee at Domaine, the chair was $3000. I thought that was a ridiculous price for a chair.

victoria settee

the original, from the now defunct Domaine.


Then I built one. it was a pretty good copy. the problem wast that by the time I was done, the copy had cost about as much as the original. plus it had taken many hours to build. go figure.

home built settee

my copy, made from scratch

 so anyway, I am now all the way across the country to retrieve an antique chaise lounge I have inherited and shipping it home. because a comparable new piece of furniture would probably cost even more than the above chair.
Consider this for a moment.
It is actually cheaper for me to fly across the country, buy the materials to build a very large crate, build it, and have it shipped professionally all the way back across the country, than it would be for me to buy that piece of  furniture new. (or even used… (it is an antique after all.)) Does it make a statement about how much we as a society value furniture… or how little we value transportation. considering the technology needed to move a person 3000 miles in just a few hours…

mystery crate
you’ll have to wait til I get home to see the new chaise…

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