what to do with scraps

I’m told that one of the indispensable tools in a workshop is a flop chair. the concept being that you need somewhere to sit when you can’t think of what you’re supposed to do next, or have come to the inescapable conclusion that you shouldn’t have done what you just did…

this is now mine.

It’s mostly made up of what used to be parts of a mold from the early construction of the boat. so 2″x10″ scraps.

It fits me perfectly, I sat on a chair and measured up from the floor to the back of my knee for the height of the front of the seat and guessed at the rest.  definitely done with little regard for aesthetics and finish, so the screw holes are not bunged, the wood in the back is whatever happened to be around at the time. happily, when you’re sitting in it, you can’t see it…

On the other hand, I now have a pattern for a chair that fits me, that I can measure and adapt when making any similar furniture.  in deference to shorter people, the seat height could be a little lower, but the seat and back angle are a very good starting point for the next attempt that might actually take looks and finish into consideration.

I do have a lot more molds to dispose of…

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