I’ve been going to a life drawing class lately.


(You can tell I’m years out of practice…)

In addition to that, I’ve been doing a bit of wood carving.  (decorative hanging knees for the boat…)

IMG_4776 IMG_4774

Both of these endeavors have started me sketching again. while I’ve been at it, I’ve been thinking about what makes sketching a pleasurable way to work out problems, and whether or not that experience can successfully be translated to a touchscreen device.  Last year I did a considerable amount of work on a storytelling application, only to realize that at the time it was a bit beyond my capacity.  I have somewhat more manageable idea now, based on the series of sketches I did as preliminaries to the wood carving.  I realize that having to draw to a brief, or at least within a certain set of restrictions involves a fair amount of repetition. and performing repetitive tasks is what computers are all about…  so watch this space. I may need a beta tester.

though realistically, this isn’t going to happen very quickly, I have a hobby…

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