How many hobbies is enough?

stupid question really. One should have as many hobbies as one can enjoy.

Came up recently due to a long running yen to do some pottery. I have a couple of functional theories that I can think of no other way to work out than by doing them.  Handily, I also found a really nice potter’s wheel on Craigslist being sold well below list. (I love it when the wealthy give up on hobbies…)

So now in the studio I have the wheel set up and a big block of fresh clay.   Onwards….

One early note that I would like to impart to any other new beginners out there who might stumble on to this post. For your first bag of clay, from which you are going to make a lot of throw away material, buy a color of clay that does not show up well on the workshop floor. Terracotta is lovely stuff, but as a beginner, the last thing you’d want to worry about is staining everything within a yard of the wheel with bright red staining splashes… Learn this lesson well…

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